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As a interior fit out company, we at Crown Construction have used STANDIT in its earlier iterations on  jobs for several years now. For us it is a great tool designed with the highest level of user safety in  mind and it has assisted our teams to safely store, handle and select various sheet types with ease. It  has the added bonus of keeping the product protected from damage and clear of the ground too.

The new Aluminium version is next level. It is so stable and now with the ability to see the  engineering observations, documentation and all the support videos on the website too is great. It is  so easy to grab your phone scan the QR code on the device and show a new user how to get the best  from STANDIT.

It really is so good to see the engineers confirming the load capacity ratings of the device plus the  new details and improvements added to this version are amazing. All the upgrades made just finishes  off the product so well, leaving nothing to chance or anything unanswered.

So tidy to fold away now and easy to store and carry in a vehicle too.

We also see a huge plus with our safety planning. When we are proposing a Task Analysis or Safe  Working Method Statement to any main contractors site H&S Officer, we can now offer the STANDIT  device and supporting documentation as part of our companies safety plan. This constitutes a total  solution for the safe vertical storage and handling of the sheet products we use. We have never been  able to do this before. This is groundbreaking and such an advantage to our operation.

STANDIT has always been a great support tool for us and using them to assist our teams to carry out  their work has proven invaluable. The wider site is also protected too as our operation provides the  security for all workers in and around our teams.

STANDIT enhances site safety to all from the inherent dangers posed from unsafely stored sheet  products. They are no longer randomly leaning against a wall where they can fall but secure and safe  in the STANDIT set up.

We highly recommend this product to all.

Yours faithfully,
Crown Construction Limited

Ashneel Chand

STANDIT has been great for our glass and glazing business. It has simplified our storage needs. The robust design gives us confidence that our fragile glass is secure, and the ease of use has made our projects more efficient. STANDIT is an excellent solution for my business – it’s been superb for our team! No more heavy trolley and A frame on site.

STANDIT has truly transformed the way we handle storage and safety onsite. Whether it’s heavy-duty tasks or everyday use, this vertical storage is a great solution. The impressive load capacity, coupled with its versatile placement, makes it the ideal choice. We’ve found it to be a reliable and efficient solution for our storage needs. Highly recommended for anyone looking to optimise their space and enhance safety, or safe option for site storage!

Greg Plimmer, Director
GlassCraft Ltd

As a commercial builder, we at ALS360 Construction have used this version and earlier models of STANDIT in many different circumstances. There is no doubt the new STANDIT design is spot on with our H&S requirements and also the protection of the product stored using the STANDIT device.

We can see that the new Aluminium version takes this product to the next level. It is now so compact, light and easy to transport too.

We were very excited to get our hands on it and can see that the STANDIT team are looking to improving their product and keeping ahead of the game with a great new design, very light and very durable.

The situations and materials we have used STANDIT to great effect are many and varied. The device has proved invaluable for us to temporarily store and handle safely the following products on our various sites:

  • Plasterboard. (Perfect for multiple units and corridor storage)
  • Glazing under 1.5m high ( ideal for glass balustrade while installing)
  • Fire doors, (to store but to also help prepare for install)
  • Standard doors, (gives great access to paint seal top and bottom)
  • Balustrading sections, easy access near prior to install.
  • Plywood sheets
  • MDF Sheets
  • Prefinished kitchen panels
  • Fibre Cement board panels
  • Lightweight concrete panels (Sto and Hebel)
  • ACM cladding panels ( Fire Rated version)
  • Temporary ACM Signage

It is great to see that the new STANDIT has the support of a professional report from registered engineers on their observations of the limit testing for load and stability.  Aswell the other website documentation and online videos are great visual assets too, Particularly helpful for any questions you may have on set up, safety or efficient usage, it’s all there now.

STANDIT is clearly a very versatile device and able to solve the safety issues surrounding vertical storage and handling of sheet materials, no matter what size site you are working on.

We can recommend you try the new STANDIT, you will be amazed, at how the stored product damage is averted, and the really big advantage is how much safer your team feels using them as part of their work routine. STANDIT very quickly becomes an essential tool in the tool kit.

Aurelian Ciobanu
Director | ALS360 Construction

As a small manufacturing company, we have a economically sized workshop/warehouse and being organised in that space makes a huge difference to our production and safe working environment.

Using STANDIT has been the best decision we have made to improve the safety for our team and gain floorspace in our workshop.

We regularly use materials such as MDF, Plywood, ACM, Acrylics and more. These products all have to be stored vertically to protect them from damage and to make it easier for our team to place the sheets on the CNC laser cutting machine and plus save space in the working area.

The ability to use the “filing system” and be able to safely select board from any location in the stack is invaluable to us as often we have multiple different boards in the same set up.

We are very excited to get the new aluminium model too as it is lightweight and easily stored when not in use.

In summary introducing STANDIT into our daily process has made our H&S procedures streamline too. This is because have been able to eliminate the potential hazards frequently experienced with storing sheet materials vertically. They can easily fall over, if just leaned against a wall, causing injury to workers and damage to the materials too. STANDIT solves those problems completely.

We recommend you try STANDIT, you will be impressed.

Raluca Rusu
Director | The Rustic Lane