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We’ve revolutionized the way construction professionals handle material storage on job sites. Say goodbye to clutter, disorganization, and the wasted hours searching for the right materials. With STANDITTM, you have the ultimate solution to keep your construction site efficient, tidy, and productive.

STANDITTM is strong and lightweight.
A single STANDITTM device weighs just 8.5 kg and can take a load of up to 500kg.
The advent of the new lightweight, fold up, compact,100% recyclable STANDITTM devices we have today are a game changer for any workplace requiring safe vertical storage of complying products

Features & Benefits

  • STANDITTM was originally devised on a building site by builders back in August 2013.
  • Initially STANDITTM was designed to overcome the dangers to workers and other of vertically stored sheets of plasterboard falling and causing injury. Safety has always been our number one priority.
  • Once in use it was clear that protection from damage to any materials stored on sites was also a key function of the product.
  • There have been a few iterations of the device, but the basic design principles have always been the key part of the final product.
  • Over the last 10 years the earlier iterations of STANDITTM have been successfully used on several large sites, mainly in Auckland.
  • In August 2021 an earlier iteration of STANDITTM received an industry safety award in form of Excellence in the NZIOB Health and Safety Category.

Perfect For Multiple Industries & Uses

Home workshops
Signage companies
Building merchants


How much weight can STANDITTM handle?

STANDITTM is rated to take a load of up to 500kg per device.

Can I set up STANDITTM anywhere I want to?

Prior to deciding on a location, ensure you have a rated, level surface to set up on. Consult a registered engineer for advice on the floor capacity and the best position in the room for the device.

Can I set up STANDITTM on the front lawn of my house?

No, the device should not be set up on soft ground as it may sink and cause instability.

Is there a warranty for the product?

Yes, all STANDITTM devices come with a full 24-month warranty for parts and workmanship.

Fully Tested

  • Rigorous practical tests have been carried out and observed by Registered Engineers.
  • The engineers have also evaluated the product in extensive theoretical calculations too.
  • These test observations are available in detail upon request and will be on the website when that is completed.
  • Our intention is to also apply to BRANZ for a certification of our STANDITTM product under their test criteria.