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How much weight can STANDITTM handle?

STANDITTM is rated to take a load of up to 500kg per device.

Can I set up STANDITTM anywhere I want to?

Prior to deciding on a location, ensure you have a rated, level surface to set up on. Consult a registered engineer for advice on the floor capacity and the best position in the room for the device.

Can I set up STANDITTM on the front lawn of my house?

No, the device should not be set up on soft ground as it may sink and cause instability.

Is there a warranty for the product?

Yes, all STANDITTM devices come with a full 24-month warranty for parts and workmanship.

Does the warranty cover the product if I were to say run over it with my vehicle?

No, any external damage caused by means outside normal use is not covered under the standard warranty.

If I lose or damage the safety pole, can I use an alternative pipe to replace it?

No, the safety pole is a proprietary item, to maintain the warranty conditions this must be replaced with the designated safety pole provided by STANDITTM.

How much floor space does STANDITTM save on average?

STANDITTM can save approximately 40% of the floor area in terms of width. Length will depend on the size of the panel being stored.

What is the ground clearance of the STANDITTM product?

The ground clearance at the narrowest point of the STANDITTM base is 70mm, allowing for tolerance in low-level flooding situations.