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About Us

Matricks Innovation Ltd TA STANDITTM is a new company Est 2023 in New Zealand. We are dedicated to improving the safety and functionality around the handling and storage of products in the workplace. We are doing this by creating multipurpose storage options with easier access to, specific products already used in the workplace.

What drives us is our mantra, ‘Safety First’. We are 100% committed to this path and we are sure that our ‘Safety First’ thinking, will drive the design of our products, to such a degree, that they will improve productivity for your teams, while reducing risks to them from H&S incidents, and also improve the risks from damage to your valuable products and save you time and money in the process.

Our team members are from a construction background with over 60 years of experience. While it is obvious that our expertise lies in the building industry, it does not limit our product’s uses, they are more universal in practice and can be relative in many other areas too.

Our latest product release is the STANDITTM device which is specifically designed for ease of handling and above all safe, efficient vertical storage for panel products such as Plasterboard, Ply, Cement board, and many other products that suit the design and testing parameters of the device.

Please see the videos and support information available on our STANDITTM website, and please make contact with us at should you require anything further.

Thank you, and welcome to the STANDITTM team.

Matt Hutchinson

Managing Director.